Ear wax removal

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Ear wax

Ear wax is a sticky substance produced by our ears to help protect our ears. It can vary in colour. Often fresh ear wax will be yellow or bright orange in colour. Dark brown wax often indicates the wax has been in the ear for sometime and has not cleared from the ears during the natural migration process.

Ear wax is there to protect our ears from infections as the sticky substance traps bacteria and germs from entering the ear canal. Foreign bodies are trapped in the waxy substance and the natural pH balance prevents irritation and dryness.

Problems with ear wax

Our ears are designed to be self cleaning. New ear wax is produced and the old wax should eventually migrate and fall out of the ear canal.

Not all of us are made the same and the majority of the patients we see for ear wax removal in Northampton or at our clinic in Milton Keynes the ear wax has built up and not cleared. This may be because they have narrow ear canals. They may have excess wax glands in the ear or often may use ear plugs/hearing aids/ headphones which stop the ear wax from working its way out of the ear. Then of course there is the more common cause of coton bud use!! which can cause a ear wax to get compacted deep into the ear canal.

Help with ear wax removal

The easiest and more importantly safest way to remove ear wax from the ear is to see a professional. Our clinics are medical clinics and privide patients with a clean, safe and relaxing environment. You will be seen by a fully qualified Audiologist and we ensure you get the best medical treatment available for your ears.

Over the years we have established a great relationship with our patients. Feel free to read our latest reviews here and if you need help with ear wax removal or hearing help visit our clinics in Northampton or Milton Keynes.

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